Error, too many requests. Please slow down. You must wait 10 seconds before trying again. [too-many-requests]

I am using Latest version of Meteor.

After some time my server goes down.

I traced this issue using Monti APM.

There is there error logged:

Error, too many requests. Please slow down. You must wait 10 seconds before trying again. [too-many-requests]

Any reason why I am getting this error?

Could it be the default rate limiting at play here?

Yes its default, can i increase it?

@zodern will probably know.

It is highly possible that this issue is an effect and not the symptom. If your server will go down due to this, then you have a resource problem.

P.S. this problem has been happening for quite a while and one way to solve this is to debounce this call from the client.

What I am wondering, is this a server side issue or client side? Is it possible client is rapid firing server? I am using simple-ddp for web and some 3rd party dpp library with android and iOS app

This is a client-side issue. In theory: this happens when a logged-in user has been logged-out while using the app and the client-side app tries to resume the login state using the login token saved in the client.

I don’t know that deep into Meteor’s internal to know how to solve this but this has been posted multiple times here in the forum

Could you share those threads if possible? I am not sure how to fix it

Is there something I can do from server side to solve this?

Try searching for “too many requests” in the forum and check related issues.

The default rate limiter is already protecting you against this (the error is a sign that the limiter is working).

But again, my hunch is that this was an effect and not the symptom. The real symptom causes this (sessions to be logged out) and the server to go down.

So that means clients needs to be fixed. Besides that everything is fine and no need to change anything on server side right?

Do you update user record on login ?
When I observed and unexpected behavior on client side most of the time it was caused by misuse of reactivity.

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Rate limit certainly does not work for server side calls
only for client side
So it certainly smth wrong with client side