Error trying to deploy my mobile app in meteor 1.3

My cordova app is running fine on Meteor 1.2.1.

After converting it to meteor 1.3, I’ve got this error on iOS (Android is fine):

** BUILD FAILED **a app for iOS              /

The following build commands failed:
        CompileC build/Routes\ Direct\ Mobile\\ Direct\ Mobile\ Routes\ Direct\ Mobile\ Workforce/Plugins/io.litehelpers.cordova.sqlite/SQLitePlugin.m normal i386 objective-c
(1 failure)
=> Errors executing Cordova commands:         
   While building Cordova app for platform iOS:
   Error code 65 for command: xcodebuild with args:
   -xcconfig,/Users/joaopedreira/WebstormProjects/RoutesDirectMobile/.meteor/local/cordova-build/platforms/ios/cordova/build-release.xcconfig,-project,Routes Direct
   Mobile Workforce.xcodeproj,ARCHS=i386,-target,Routes Direct Mobile

Any ideas? Thanks

Could you try using meteor run ios-device and opening the project in Xcode? Building the project there might give you better error messages.

Hi @martijnwalraven, sorry for my late reply.

I did as you suggested and the error was related with the SQLite cordova plugin:

It turns out this is a cordova version related bug (a similar case here).

One thing that puzzles me is that the SQLite cordova plugin appears in my meteor versions file


but it’s not a direct dependency of my project and I have no idea which package (if any) is referencing it. Is there an easy way to see this?