Error updating Meteor 1.6

I have an old Meteor project that is on and I cannot update.
I get:
.meteor/packages/meteor-tool/.[26358]: …/src/ void node::contextify::ContextifyScript::New(const v8::FunctionCallbackInfov8::Value&): Assertion `args[1]->IsString()’ failed.

Same if I do update --patch

Anyone has any idea why? I get more lines of errors, but they all contain cordova.

Seem to be the same problem as this:

I don’t think it is related to cordova. Without knowing the internals of the Meteor tools, I guess this is referencing to the different build outputs, where web.cordova is just one of them. My pure gut feeling is that this is caused by some incompatibilities with the Node version, but that’s just a guess.

I don’t know what it was exactly, but I removed all my packages and npm modules, updated and added the modules again. Then I, of course, landed in the hell where nothing is no longer compatible with anything.

I thought we grew out of this 1996

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@ralof Can you please explain more, how you fix this issue?

I backed up .meteor/packages and package.json, replaced them with default files from a new project, updatd meteor and added my packages and npm modules one by one…

I don’t remember which module that was the cause of the problem though.