Error when deploying to Modulus

Up to a few weeks ago, deploying my Meteor application to Modulus (through cli) worked fine. At that time, I was using a Node-servo.
But since the last 2-3 weeks, every time I try to deploy to Modulus, I’m getting errors.

When deploying to a node-servo, everything seems to go fine, until I look at the Logs, which show the following error:
“Now using node v0.10.41 (npm v3.8.9)
find: `./bundle’: No such file or directory
WARNING: No package.json file found.
ERROR: No start script found. There is no application to run.”

A few days ago, the error was something along the lines of "
“cannot find module is-property”

Anybody got any ideas?


I have also had major problems with modulus since the update.

try npm install -g modulus@next

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That fixed it.
I also mailed this issue to modulus support, and they gave me the exact same solution. Apparently it has something to do with the current cli-version not supporting their meteor-servo…