Error when integrating soundcloud with meteor app

i want to integrate this package to my application. so users will upload their songs to my profile throught my soundcloud app.

i’ve added the package using the command : meteor add. and i’ve create soundcloud app:

appname : bands

Website of your app : http://localhost:3000

Redirect URI for Authentication : http://localhost:3000/_oauth/soundcloud?close

i’ve added these lines in the server side.


client_id : "myid",

client_secret : "mysecret",

username : 'myusername',

password: 'mypassword'


var cloudclient = Soundcloud.getClient();

var res = cloudclient.getSync('/me', {limit : 1});


but i keep getting this error.


i’ve tried to delete the build folder and restart the app but it doesn’t work.