Error when using react-chartjs

I’m trying to render a doughnut chart, but I keep getting this error:

TypeError: is not a function
    at updatePoints (core.js:102)
    at Object.classData.componentWillReceiveProps (core.js:48)
    at ReactCompositeComponent.js:611
    at measureLifeCyclePerf (ReactCompositeComponent.js:75)
    at ReactCompositeComponentWrapper.updateComponent (ReactCompositeComponent.js:610)
    at ReactCompositeComponentWrapper.receiveComponent (ReactCompositeComponent.js:547)
    at Object.receiveComponent (ReactReconciler.js:125)
    at Object.updateChildren (ReactChildReconciler.js:109)
    at ReactDOMComponent._reconcilerUpdateChildren (ReactMultiChild.js:208)
    at ReactDOMComponent._updateChildren (ReactMultiChild.js:312)

This is my code:

import React, { Component } from 'react';
import { Doughnut } from 'react-chartjs';

export default class FinancialAssetsGraph extends Component {
  graphData() {
    let data = {
      datasets: [{
        data: => {
          return asset.value;
      labels: => {

    return data;

  render() {
    return (
        <Doughnut data={this.graphData()} />

It seems the package expects an array to be passed in the data prop, but the Chart.js Docs says otherwise.

How should I handle this? What prop structure and type should I use?

Silly mistake.

The react-chartjs package currently depends on chart-js@^1.1.1 to work, which is a bit outdated, so I should have used older docs.

You can find the docs here:

You may wanna check out react-chartjs-2 which is more up to date and maintained.

Thanks! I did not know it existed.