Error while adding a package to Meteor

Hi all!

While adding babrahams:editable-text package to my project I get the following error:

But the thing is that I do have such package folder in .meteor/packages with files in it:


But there is nothing in .meteor/packages file:


If I add the package name to .meteor/package file manually, I get the same error as I install this package.

I install other packages without any problems.

I use Windows 10.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

I have the same error with installing gwendall:auth-client-callbacks package. Also I found that some packages could not be installed if they have some dependencies. For example, I could not install matb33:bootstrap-glyphicons package, it showed an error that less package installation fails. But I install separately less package and after matb33:bootstrap-glyphicons - everything OK.

I use Windows 7.


With Meteor 1.4.0 everything worked OK