Error while deploying to meteor hosting server from my windows 7 dev environment


i get the below error. Couldn’t claim site: You must supply the site’s password


I’m guessing here:

  1. You are not logged into your Meteor development environment with your Meteor developer account (on the command line type meteor login and/or …
  2. You are attempting to deploy to, but that name has already been taken.


i logged in while deploying and latter got a message to claim the site and was asked for a password. After giving the password, i get this error. Below is the command line.

C:\Users\Varesh Rangan\AppData\Local.meteor\testapp>“C:\Users\Varesh Rangan\App
Data\Local.meteor\meteor.bat” deploy
To instantly deploy your app on a free testing server, just enter your
email address!


Logging in as vrangan.

This site was deployed with an old version of Meteor that used site
passwords instead of user accounts. Now we have a much better system,
Meteor developer accounts.

If this is your site, please claim it into your account with
meteor claim
If it’s not your site, please try a different name!

C:\Users\Varesh Rangan\AppData\Local.meteor\testapp>“C:\Users\Varesh Rangan\App
Data\Local.meteor\meteor.bat” claim
To claim this site and transfer it to your account, enter the site
password one last time.

Couldn’t claim site: You must supply the site’s password

C:\Users\Varesh Rangan\AppData\Local.meteor\testapp>


So, is the existing (an early leaderboard) yours?

If it is, then you will have set its password when you created it and will be able to claim it with meteor claim If not, then you will have to choose a name other than testapp.

Looking at the source for the existing site, it’s very (very, very) old and certainly precedes supported Windows (which I see you’re developing under).


Did you enter the password for the site? I’m assuming you actually own this site.


can you pls help me with the latest version of meteor for windows? I have taken the latest from the meteor website and the version
How ever I have resolved the issue temporarily by using name. But can you pls help with the latest version for windows?


If it worked by changing the name then you probably don’t own the name you were trying to deploy to is my guess.


I think you have possibly misunderstood what is happening when you attempt to meteor deploy testapp.

Your app’s production build image is uploaded to a free Meteor hosting service provided by MDG (Meteor Development Group). This hosting service requires you to specify a sub-domain of to be used for navigating to your app (in your case you want to use the sub-domain testapp.

The important point here is that this service is provided for anyone developing Meteor apps. There can only be one sub-domain, so as soon as anyone in the Meteor community deploys to that name, it’s no longer available for anyone else in the community. In your case, someone, sometime deployed to testapp, so you are no longer allowed to use this name.

So, you cannot deploy to that name belongs to someone else. The reason you were able to deploy to testapp6 is that you were the first person to claim than name. That’s now yours - no one else can use it.

Referring to the documentation:

You can deploy to any available name under without any additional configuration, for example, If you deploy to a custom domain, such as, then you’ll need to make sure the DNS for that domain is configured to point at

A handful of final points:

  1. This is nothing to do with Windows development.
  2. The free Meteor hosting provided by MDG is only recommended for testing, proof of concept etc. It is not suitable for a live, production app. There are no guarantees around uptime or availability. Use at your own risk.
  3. If you want to deploy an app to your own domain name on MDG’s free hosting, you can (see the documentation above). This will mitigate the issue of claiming a name, but the caveats around availability and fitness for purpose in (2) still apply.
  4. You a free to deploy your app to almost any hosting service if you are willing to do some or all of the work involved in installation. There are many threads in here regarding Meteor deployment. It is currently easier to deploy to Linux servers than to Windows, but your production Meteor app will run on either, so this should not be a concern.


Thank a lot for the explanation.