Error while running the project (Error: SQLITE_BUSY: database is locked)

Hi everyone,

Could someone help me out in sorting out this error. The following is the error that I’m facing when I’m trying to run the project with “meteor run”.

And additionally, the error is it is showing is different from the project folder.

I’m facing this error only when I’m trying to run the code from my local machine with different user.

Thanks in advance.

Easy. You’re using SQLite in the catalog-remote package and SQLite is not thread-safe.

As in: You’ll run into problems as soon as you’re accessing the table in write-mode in parallel from two or more threads. For SQLite to work on a server, you need some kind of manager which pools the access attempts and processes them one at a time.

The reason for that is that SQLite is a flat-file format and writing to a file from two different sources at the same time is never a good idea.