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Had a very weird error while trying to reply to a help request here in the forums. Take a look at the dialog below:

The error is saying the answer that I was trying to give was too similar to an answer I just gave. Here are the two answers:

Q1. Meteor and mini mongo in production

I believe this is a question about Meteor’s scalability. Now, scalability is a multifaceted issue, however, there are plenty of load tests done by some respectable members of the community.

A good explanation is given by @dandv in a SO answer to a related question, How many concurrent users can a web app built in Meteor.js handle?

The second one

Q2. Get user from enrollment token

I’m guessing you are trying to handle the Accounts-Password Send Enrollment Email scenario. If so, the callback function to call after the user has click on the link in the email is set using the register function Accounts.onEnrollmentLink.

If you use that process flow, then next thing to do, according to the documentation, is to pass the token to the Accounts.resetPassword function and call the done method to resume the normal user login process. The token and the done method are passed as arguments to the Accounts.onEnrollmentLink register function.

Once the normal process is resumed and the user is logged in you can get the user’s information as usual, i.e. Meteor.user().

The second one was being rejected. What could be the problem here?

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Just changed the wording for first sentence of my second answer and it is now accepted.

Thanks for the reply on my question!

This is a Discourse feature that’s used to prevent spam. MDG can easily modify the settings in their Discourse admin panel.