Error with fourseven:scss


While processing files with fourseven:scss (for target web.browser):
/client/stylesheets/app.scss: Scss compiler error: File to import: {}/client/stylesheets/.meteor/local/build/programs/server/assets/packages/meteoric_ionic-sass/_ionic not found in file:

What should i do? when i put the app.scss to my folder in the project it happens.


Try restarting the app and running again. Sometimes the first try fails.
I would try running the latest beta if you’re in Meteor 1.2


for the most stable solution, run it outside of Meteor by compiling with


A cheap hack for this is to comment out those imports then start your meteor, then comment them back in.


I guess you will use your file at /client/stylesheets/app.scss to import

So new since meteor 1.2 to write

@import ‘{}/client/stylesheets/app.scss’

‘{}’ for the new asset management that is your local app


Using release v3.3.3_3 is fine

name: ‘fourseven:scss’, version: ‘@3.3.3_3


fourseven:scss 3.3 and higher currently does not support importing files from the .meteor folder.

For the time being you can use version 3.2.
I’ve got a branch that allows importing from .meteor folders which I might merge if demand keeps being high, but really, importing from the .meteor folder is not such a good idea.


IMHO you do not need that anymore. If you wish to import from package just use:


and if you want to import from your app part


Works without headache

Do I miss something?

  • fourseven:scss@3.2.0 works well with old build plugin and imports from .meteor
  • fourseven:scss@3.4.1 works well with new build plugin (Meteor 1.2) and new type of imports


Well the reason I’d consider supporting imports from the .meteor folder is for people who rely on


Thanks, it didn’t work last week but it worked now, uninstalling and installing! so weird!