Error with readable-stream package whenever we visit our app in chome: "Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'slice')""

All of the sudden, the majority of the time when we visit our meteor application in chrome (whether it be through galaxy or locally) we get the following error until we refresh the page:

And then when you click the error to see where its getting thrown, it references this line:

var asyncWrite = !process.browser && ['v0.10', 'v0.9.'].indexOf(process.version.slice(0, 5)) > -1 ? setImmediate : pna.nextTick;

Apparently the process.version variable is undefined until we refresh the page.

I’ve read a bunch of articles online like this one, but none seem to help:

We have no sort of extension installed… and this is happening for all of our users who use chrome.

Anyone have any idea as to what’s causing this all of the sudden? I’m on the latest version of chrome. Is there a way i can manually set this process.version variable on startup? Any help is appreciated.