ES6 Error on Meteor App Build

Hi Meteor, I’m getting some odd errors on build when using the new ES6 features. Typically when I’m dealing with static variables and React’s context.

Here’s what the error looks like:

Errors prevented startup:

While building for web.browser:
imports/ui/layouts/App.jsx:13:1: /imports/ui/layouts/App.jsx: Missing class properties transform.

Your application has errors. Waiting for file change.

Has anyone else experienced this, and do you know any ways to workaround/fix this issue?

Are you using the static language construct? Perhaps with propTypes?

I know that some of the React pages refer to them, but I have not been able to get them working. I am instead adding the propTypes as “oldstyle” statics by defining them below the class.

import React, {Component} from 'react';
export default class MyComponent extends Component {
    render() {
        return (
            // JSX
MyComponent.propTypes = {
    // propTypes definition
MyComponent.defaultProps = {
    // defaultProps definition

Yup, I was. I ended up adding Babel’s transform-class-properties plugin and configuring it in my package.json file.

It works great with the standard static keyword now.

Cool. I’ll be trying that myself. Thx.