ES6 support in Meteor - standards


I noticed that with the grigio:babel package, it’s impossible to set the babel.json accordingly:

  "debug": false,
  "verbose": true,
  "extensions": ["js"],
  "stage": 0

I’d rather avoid using .es6 as a file extension as it’s not really a standard. Javascript is still Javascript. I’m wondering if Meteor 1.2 will allow us to use the .js extension for all code, and somehow determine (or let us specify) that our project uses ES6 or ES5.


I asked this question a few days ago. It seems that the best option is to just use .jsx for now and rename files to .js when support comes out in Meteor 1.2. If you’re using git to handle the files, it shouldn’t care too much.


Isn’t .jsx for React? I started using .es6.js so I’ll just stick with that, and do a mass-rename once Meteor 1.2 is released.


I asked the exact same question; you should see this thread: How to use ES6 as Meteor default js as discussed in the recent blog