Eslint configuration for Meteor scaffolds

Hi, I wanted to start a new Meteor app from scratch, using the Meteor React scaffold. According to the Guide, the recommended eslint configuration for Meteor would be based on the package @meteor/eslint-config-meteor. However, if I setup this config in VSCode, the scaffold files throw a lot of errors. So they don’t seem to be compliant. Hence, I am wondering which eslint config is actually being used by the scaffolds, and why this does not match the recommendation of the guide? Or maybe I am missing something.

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Yeah I ran into this as well. Not sure if the scaffolds or the eslint config (or both!) should be changed

I now use my own config since I find the airbnb preset too strict, especially when using a formatter like prettier. I just want eslint to pick up code smells and potential bugs

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Thanks for the fast response. Built my own config now, too, but can’t get “class properties” work which are actually used in Meteor’s scaffolds. Configuring “babel/semi” did not do the trick, for whatever reason. I think it’s pretty weird that these sample code fragments use language capabilities that haven’t been even standardised yet.

What parser and parserOptions are you using?

I’m using this without class property errors:

    parser: 'babel-eslint',
    parserOptions: {
        ecmaVersion: 2019,
        sourceType: 'module',
        impliedStrict: true,
        allowImportExportEverywhere: true,
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