ESLint configuration for official MDG style

I have seen that the official GitHub repo contains an .eslintignore file. Is there any chance that there is an officially sanctioned .eslintrc as well that we could use to check whether code matches the MDG style guide? I know there is a .jshintrc available on Github at

Anyway - the presence of .eslintignore has given me hope that there may be an official linting config available. Am I lucky?


I’ve been working on it very intermittently. It’s very hard to match up the Meteor style guides with a set of linter rules, so at this point I have turned off pretty much everything. I would love to have a linter that works for the Meteor framework itself as well as Meteor apps. If I event finish, I’ll add some instructions to the readme about running the linter.

If you would like to help encode the Meteor Style Guide into ESLint rules, start here:


Cool, I will see what I can do and try and marry that one with my config for ESLint.


I would also love to see this, and one ready I’ll turn it into a Velocity framework

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Did you get any feedback on your esLint initiative?

If I use your .eslintrc, will it help me align my own coding standards with the Meteor Style Guide?

I highly recommend to start with the Airbnb Style Guide It has good recommendations if you use ES2015 and also a ESLint configuration.

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I would also appreciate if the MDG provided an example JSCS file.

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