ETA of 2.8 release?

I’ve been using the beta version of release 2.8 and it is working very well.

I have refactored a lot of our project’s code base to utilize the Async/Await MongoDB driver.

I would like to push it to our QA environment for testing, however I want to wait until the official release is here.

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Hi @mvogt22,

We don’t have an ETA for this release yet.

Last week we released a new beta version (2.8-beta.7).

This release depends on this PR. But, as we find out, the problem this PR is trying to solve is way harder than it seems, and in the past couple of weeks, we’ve been testing different approaches to see what works best.

We have just a few things to test now, and soon we’ll post a proposal to the community so everyone can give an opinion on it.

For now, my advice is that you hold on in trying to use the new MongoDB async methods with Meteor methods. Using them on the server is fine.