ETA on meteor 1.5?

hate to be that guy but I didn’t see this explicitly anywhere in the road map

2017! :grinning:

No, but really, if you look at the release speed for any 1.x version, you will see that it takes a few months to iron everything out normally. In this case I wouldn’t expect less time, since dynamic-imports are something really new and unique, and checking if everything still works with them could take some time(besides any future change improving imports or other aspects).

So my estimation for final 1.5 would be March(hopefully)-April :slight_smile:

Won’t be very soon I guess, since 1.5 is actually a big release with dynamic imports. But recent betas are somehow usable. You can try it ahead of stable release, but don’t really use it in production.

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We don’t announce release dates ahead of time since it’s more important for the release to be good than “on time”.

The best place to keep up is on GitHub on the pull request - we open one of these for every release!