Ethereum installation delete Meteor environment PATH

could not find the answer… 3 hours trying
In few words, while trying to install ETHEREUM
The Chocolatey package manager provides an easy way to get the required build tools installed. If you don’t have chocolatey yet, follow the instructions on to install it first.

Then open an Administrator command prompt and install the build tools we need:

C:\Windows\system32> choco install git
C:\Windows\system32> choco install golang
C:\Windows\system32> choco install mingw
Installing these packages will set up the Path environment variable. Open a new command prompt to get the new Path. The following steps don’t need Administrator privileges.

Please ensure that the installed Go version is 1.7 (or any later version).

First we’ll create and set up a Go workspace directory layout, then clone the source.

C:\Users\xxx> set "GOPATH=%USERPROFILE%"
C:\Users\xxx> set "Path=%USERPROFILE%\bin;%Path%"
C:\Users\xxx> setx GOPATH "%GOPATH%"
C:\Users\xxx> setx Path "%Path%"
C:\Users\xxx> mkdir src\\ethereum
C:\Users\xxx> git clone src\\ethereum\go-ethereum
C:\Users\xxx> cd src\\ethereum\go-ethereum
C:\Users\xxx> go get -u -v

Meteor path disapper from PATH environment variables.
Even if l added it again METEOR still does not launch.