EventDDP - How to make and Import for this package

Hi all,

I know this package is old and that it is currently deprecated. However, I continue using it because it works very well. I don’t know if I can and how to make an import for this package. It is annoying to receive all those errors from eslint about the variable not been defined (because it is not imported from something).

I have these questions in case I am lucky enough to receive answers for them:

  1. How to do an Import for the package (like: import moment from ‘moment’)
  2. There is a v0.0.3 version for the package, which is much newer than the one I’m using now (v0.0.2). Has anyone installed this version? Is it worth upgrading to this one? Does it allow to have an Import?
  3. Are there another meteor packages that can replace this one? I mean newer ones that are maintained and comply with modern stuff like Importing them?

Many thanks for your help and bye …

You could just fork the original repository, update it yourself, then deploy under your own Atmosphere account. Then import/add the package like you would normally.


Hi @mvogt22 and thanks for your replay.

Honestly I’ve never done that thing, but I can try.
I really think I have to import this library, cause it’s just the right thing to do.
Many thanks again and bye.

PS, would like more answers though. There were more questions to answer. Hope other users give their thoughts. Thanks again …

You could try to use redis-oplog vent feature. Is much newer, but uses redis.

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Hi, and sorry for being so late …

I think I’ll try to modify the package myself, to add the possibility of importing it from my project.
In case somebody wants to do something similar with another package, there is this (old) discussion that addresses just this issue. It doesn’t seem such a difficult thing to do:

Many thanks for your help. Very appreciated …