Exact steps to install iron-meteor on Windows 10 wanted

I would greatly appreciate knowing the exact steps I should take to install the iron-meteor package on Windows 10-X64.


Do you mean iron router? Because iron meteor is a user on github.
And if yes, have you tried the install instructions? and hit errors? It should work on windows 10 as reported by others.
If no, did you mean just installing meteor for windows 10? It shouldn’t be any different from any other versions of windows.

Thanks Mordrax: I am referring to iron-meteor/iron-cli (installed as “iron-meteor” - I don’t understand why it’s installed as “iron-meteor”, if the package is actually “iron-cli” - is “iron-meteor” a synonyn for “iron-cli”? )

Sorry for my lazy post. Yes, I have made attempts - will try again and post the details. I believe the problem is with installing node-gyp, and there are many posts about it.

In the meantime, if anyone has advice on how to minimise the amount of Visual Studio that I need to install, that would be a start.

It’s working, and I’m using VS 2015. :slight_smile: This thread was very useful: https://github.com/TooTallNate/node-gyp/issues/555 - node-gyp needs to be updated in order to use VS 2015. As I commented over there, I had also not upgraded npm properly.