Example Best-Pracise Use-Case for List-View und Update-View (Standard+Modal)

Hi guys,

I am starting out with meteor and I wonder if you could guide me to an “best-practise” example for the following scenario:

Let’s program an Adressbook :sunny:

1 Person has some details like (name, date of birth, etc)
1 Person has m phone-numbers
1 Person has m adresses


  • enable the viewser to paginate thru all persons
  • enable the user to search for persons by phone-numer / name / adress (I’d like to be able to program custom filters)
  • enable the user to add/edit/delete a person (detail view)

Detail/Edit View (I’d like to have this edit window to be in a bootstrap modal window.)

  • enable the user to edit ONE single person.
  • validate the user input agains a schema
  • add new adresses / add new phone number

So this start to become more than a simple todo list.

Is there a good tutorial for this kind of stuff out there?

Kind regards