Example of Everything That's Wrong with StackOverflow


The top answer gives one of the most lucid and succinct SO answers in the history of SO. Really just a top tier answer. You can read it in 30 seconds and walk away knowing exactly the difference between declarative and imperative. It doesn’t lead you down a rabbit hole of haskel jargon.

Then below that in the comments you can see “Pete Kirkham” nit picking about some completely ancillary item. Just a completely useless comment.

(note how reed copsey basically ignored his second comment, as he should.)

This is SO in a nutshell. A feeding frenzy of guys with 50k+ SO points feverishly trying to do one of the following:

  • find “duplicates”,

  • claim your question is “too broad” and immediately try to shut it down.

  • providing a wall of text using every esoteric term they can think off (what they call an answer),

  • Do what I call “clever contests” where they try to show off some obscure “programmers bar trivia” way of solving your problem

  • Or just plain squabble over completely unrelated items.

One day, all of this will be the end of SO. It’ll reach a point where the only people left are people claiming duplicates and closing questions at an increasing rate of speed, faster faster faster and then it’ll hit the singularity and just implode on itself into thin air.


Having a bad day? :slight_smile: