Example of react + react-router v4

Hello guys, I’m new to meteor and trying to migrate my project based on react + express to meteor. I’m looking for some boilerplate code which contains react, react-router and basic authorization + withTracker I think. I found an examples that contains some from the list but not all in one place. Hope you will help me. Thanks.

Hey there, have you looked into pup, I think it has what you need.

Thank for your answer! I’ll try this tool, but I can’t understand from documentation is it possible not to use graphql with it?

Yeah I thought you’d ask for this, as much as the industry try to push for GraphQL, the truth is RPC methods via sockets and rest is easier to start with and they’re the right starting point, GraphQL can be added later once more flexibility in the API is desired. But of course the hype is all about GraphQL right now.

Anyway, pup was previously called Meteor Chef Base and it has methods instead of GraphQL for the API, you can find the older version here. But be warned, you won’t be using the latest, might worth giving GraphQL a try…

Good luck!

Thank you for your help!

Np, while on it, may I ask you what motivated you to move from express to Meteor? just trying to understand your perspective a bit more.

I’m a kind of a intern and It’s a task from boss to migrate project to meteor. It’s a not commercial project but educational.

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Got it, good luck with your intern :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot ! :smiley: