Example repo for state-of-the-art SSR in Meteor?

I’m looking for an example git repo that shows how to setup server-side rendering in a way that’s “state-of-the-art” in Meteor land now, including routing, dynamic module loading etc. React preferred.

I’ve seen this doc, but it’s rather “bare-bones”:

Some “real-world” sample app would be cool.


You could try my CLI, (npm install -g maka-cli) and then create an SSR app:

$ maka create SSRExampleApp --ssr

Here is my post for more explanation:

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This is fairly basic, but I keep the SSR code fairly up to date with what we use on PixStori https://github.com/CaptainN/meteor-react-starter

One thing I have to do is update that to add the wonderful staringatlights:fast-render package, which makes server rendering with auth routes so much easier.

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