Examples of a blaze+materialize application?

Any good examples of an application built using blaze and materialize?

I wanted to compare this approach to building a material app against examples I’ve found using react and material-ui before I decide which way to go.

Hi @snickell,

you can build blaze+materialize application with meteor-kitchen (code generator for meteor).

Example app with materialize is here: http://generator-materialize.meteor.com
Source code (input file for meteor-kitchen) is here: https://github.com/perak/kitchen-examples/tree/master/example-materialize
Meteor kitchen is here: http://www.meteorkitchen.com

(support for “materialize” and “semantic-ui” is just added into “meteor-kitchen” - it’s not perfect, there are some styling issues, maybe some functional issues too, but it works).

I hope it helps :smile: