Examples of Intrinio API calls

Does anyone have an example of a call to the Intrinio financial data API? I am trying to reconcile their instructions with this Meteor Chef post but only getting halfway there. I am able to access their data via browser and via command line but not through my code. First time working with an API of any kind, appreciate any suggestions.

Also, I understand there is an npm package for an Intrinio client. I’m on Meteor 1.2.1, not using npm.

I’ve added the http package and written the following in a client/lib file:

getData = function() {
    HTTP.call('GET','api.intrinio.com', {
        query: "/companies?ticker=AAPL",
        authorization: "myUsername:myPassword"
        function( error, response ) {
            if(error) {
            } else {

In the console, this returns the following - I’m getting the right status code but the data is empty:

Object {
    statusCode: 200,
    content: "<!DOCTYPE html>↵<html>↵<head>↵  <link rel="stylesh…pFinance</title>↵</head>↵<body>↵↵</body>↵</html>↵",
    headers: Object,
    data: null}

The Intrinio instructions recommend the following, but I believe some of this is redundant:

var https = require("https");

var username = "myUsername";
var password = "myPassword";
var auth = "Basic " + new Buffer(username + ':' + password).toString('base64');

var request = https.request({
    method: "GET",
    host: "api.intrinio.com",
    path: "/companies?ticker=AAPL",
    headers: {
        "Authorization": auth
}, function(response) {
    var json = "";
    response.on('data', function (chunk) {
        json += chunk;
    response.on('end', function() {
        var company = JSON.parse(json);