Examples of proper diagrams (deployment, physical, sequence)? Meteor, Mongo, React, Mantra

I’ve made Meteor app with React (Mantra) and now I need to make diagrams show how it works.

  • deployment diagram
  • physical or logical or both diagram of DB (is it possible to make it with NoSQL DB?)
  • sequence diagram (any examples of this with React?)

Does somebody have any examples of this with Meteor?
Do you know a better way to show an interaction between components?

The latest, probably best diagrams from the Clinical Meteor project:

A broader collection of older diagrams, going back to 0.5 days. Quality may vary.

Meteor Architecture Diagram:

Replica Set Diagram:

OAuth Sequence Diagram:


I’ve been meaning to export these diagrams into Visio files so they can be open sourced. Not sure if I will have time in the next couple of weeks, since MeteorCamp is just around the corner. But if I don’t get to it in the next few weeks, remind me next month, and I’ll export them all.

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