Exception in delivering when redirect to newly created document componet using flow router

So, I am doing a redirection in a method call for inserting data to a collection.
However, when the redirect to the url of the newly created document page, I got this Exception in delivering result… error. If I refresh the page again, this error gone. Seem like the document wasn’t synced in the client side.

I using flow router ssr, reactjs and jagi astronomy model layer, and this is what I did:
The method call

data = blah blah..
Meteor.call('AddItem', data, (error, result) => {

					Bert.alert(error['reason'], 'danger', 'fixed-top', 'fa-frown-o' );

						FlowRouter.go('/item/edit/' + result);


The Method:

		if(Roles.userIsInRole(this.userId,   ['admin'])){

			input = {
				title : data['title'].trim(),
				content : data['content'],

			let newitem = new Space();
			return newitem.save(function(err, id){
					throw new Meteor.Error('erro-obj', err);
					return id; 
			return returnval;

Why the newly created document object not passing to the client on redirection? But when I go manually to the page no error at all? I don’t t who to blame, flow router or mongodb?