Excessive debug output with updated VueJS

I just updated a VueJS Meteor project to 1.8.3 and with it all dependencies and npm modules. Suddenly every single vue module is printed to the console (server and client) upon first loading with the line number of export default.

Does anybody know how to switch off that debug output?

+ bcrypt@3.0.7
+ bootstrap-vue@2.1.0
+ bootstrap@4.4.1
+ vuex@3.1.2
+ @babel/runtime@7.7.7
+ vue-server-renderer@2.6.11
+ vue@2.6.11

Here’s the github issue with vue-meteor:

Here’s my PR:

To get an immediate fix you can copy that version of vue-component into your packages folder.

Edit: Actually, that might not be the same issue - these console.log messages were only in the client…

I just found that github issue myself and noticed that I don’t use meteor-vue but akryum_vue-component, which is also full of the !module.watch statement. Trying to track down where that is actually defined

This seems to be a feature associated with the babel compiler and reify. Found this (old) blog post but not yet how to switch it off.