Excuse me, how to get "Fingerprint" data (HR System)?

I would like to build HR System on Meteor + Vue.
But now I have problem, how to get Fingerprint data


Could you help me?

Is this scanner going to be connected to the computer which hosts the app?

This scanner connected to the client PC (not server)
Now I use local host app

Then it really depends on how much you can control the client environment.

If you can lock them into chrome, you could try the WebUSB API:

Which is only available on chrome (https://caniuse.com/#feat=webusb)

Other options would require the user’s machine to have a native application installed that interfaces with the fingerprint reader over usb/serial. Then the web app can poll a localhost url to communicate with the native app

Very thanks, I will try.
Bc I don’t any experience about this.
What native app that you said?

Could we created desktop app to read fingerpirnt, and then push data to our hosting app?

Yeah, by native i mean a desktop app, which the browser can talk to over HTTP and then send result to your hosted app

Could advise or have any examples for native app?
Nodejs Electron, Java, VB…
But I don’t have more experience about desktop languages