Excuse me, where to find the cartoon images (IT/Computer) for added tutorial like sitepoin website?


I want to find cartoon images (IT/Computer) for added on my tutorial like sitepoint website
Could you help me.


Looks like they got them from shutterstock.


Thanks for your reply, but it is not free.
Have any free?


You could look at http://www.freeimages.com/


Handy Tip on working with images:

In Chrome:
Hold down shift + s and right-click any image in your browser.
This will start a google Image-Search with that image.

With this you can find the origin of most images.
You can also easily find similar images there.

Apart from that:
There are some pretty good free resources for vector art.

In your case I’d take a look here:

You should be able to find some suitable items there.

But overall, at least in my experience, the kind of quality you’re looking for can’t be found for free.
I was in a similar position a while ago and literally searched for days for something of that quality.

In the end I just bought it from Shutterstock. (it’s 3,25 € per image).
Not super much, but still painful for “just an image”.