Exited from signal: SIGKILL

I have my original server where I run my application, then I have another server which I would like to use in development. I have used rsync to copy my production to folder to my development server, so I could use production version and it’s MongoDB, however when running Meteor in the “rsynced” folder I am getting error message Exited from signal: SIGKILL

I have removed db lock and journal files/folder, but still not working…

What would be the best practice in using prod and dev, where dev folder is created as a copy of prod with rsync

This looks to be memory issue. Server memory usage ramps up from 40mb to 431mb when starting it, even my application is very simple and running on raw Debian. Looks like I need minimum 1GB RAM to run Meteor. You can find screenshots below. (I also tried to disable mongo start in the beginning, but memory usage still ramped up).

My apps use about 250 mb ram on average in idle. Do you process a lot of data? Do you use meteor 1.2?
I had an app just using some kind of chron to process data and the ram added over time. Sometimes just a fresh meteor create solves the issue. Also how are you deploying? i recommend meteor-up!