Experience creating a Custom Camera UI?

Does anyone here have experience creating a custom camera UI? The mdg:camera package is nice and easy to use, but from what I can see, there is no way to customize the camera UI. I have looked into some Cordova plugins but I have had a hard time using them in my app and finding ones that are maintained.

Anyone accomplished this in the past? An example of a camera would be like SnapChat’s camera or something like that.

Yes, I have. It was hard to find working Cordova Camera packages, I spent a lot more time with this than I expected… I used this plugin:

I had to do some patching to fix a memory leak, disabling flash (for my particular app), and also it took some work to convert it for slingshot upload properly. And I still have an outstanding issue that the saved image size is really small on Android that I will get to. Actually, I had to sub some of the work, since fixing the Objective C code was beyond me. I also need to investigate disabling it and re-enabling it, I don’t understand the issues right now with that, right now I just hide the preview window as needed, but I think it is capturing from the camera whenever the app is running.

Good news, I see that it looks like someone is maintaining it as of May 18. I did my work with it a few months ago but need to get back to it. If you find another plugin that works better, let me know!

But it can be done! You may want to consider prototyping it in Cordova before moving it into Meteor.


Thanks for the reply Charlie!

I was looking at that exact same thing. It was the only one that I found that does exactly what I want and has been touched in the last 2 years. I actually reached out to the guy that started development on the plugin again. He said that he hasn’t had a lot of time to work on it but is accepting pull requests. So maybe you can submit the issues that you had to the new repo.

Do you have anywhere that I can look at your code? I would love a reference because I’m sure I’ll have the same issues you did. I, too, am not very strong in Objective-C. I’m just starting out digging into this, but I would love to return the favor if I got any other problems figured out.

I’m really surprised this hasn’t been talked about more. I didn’t think this was that taboo. Thanks again for the reply. You are the only one that has said they tried this.