Experience with (Image) CDN?


I’m trying to use a CDN where users can store and retrieve images. I’ve implemented Cloudinary, but I am left unimpressed. They have a widget to enable a HTML editor to upload and retrieve the images from my account, but very bad (as to almost none-existent) rights management. (Just now, I was using this widget to browse my collection, and a certain folder issued and error: “folder does not exist”. Checking in my account on another browser, the folder was still there… that’s errors I do not want to deal with…)
I want to be able to force a user into a certain folder (their own) and prevent them (for instance) from deleting images.

My requirements:

  • integration possible with CKEditor or something like that (I’m using Jodit now, but am willing to change)
  • somewhat fine grained rights-management
  • if there is a abillity to crop etc that is a bonus, but not a must-have

What are you guys using?



Try Imgix. We use it and are impressed.