Experimenting with Podcasting

Hi everyone,

This is something that I have never tried before but I just want to thank you in advance for listening to my special project.

So, I’ve been trying to figuring out the whole podcasting thingy. more info.
And I’ve been reaching out to people if they like to join me as a guest speaker and talk about their meteor journey.

Some of them are agreed to it, and I’m really grateful for them.

This is my conversation with Mike Acer (@mikeacre).
He is a Full stack web developer. He builds cloud based software for small and medium sized businesses.

And this one is with Michael Brook(@michaelcbrook).
He is a co-founder & Chief Technology Officer at Pitchly.

Special thanks to @storyteller for his initial feedback.

Let me know your thoughts, I hope you enjoy this.


Thank you for doing these!
I really like hearing people explaining their stack and how they deploy. I think the short format is interesting too, but maybe just on the too short side of things?

keep it going tough


Hey @distalx,

Awesome, really interesting!

Would love to hear more about how people work with Meteor in the daily, optimizing their code and any experience they had using meteor in different cases.

I’m also thinking about writing some blog posts about the experience we had at my company using meteor, I think we need more of this stuff in the meteor community.

So keep up the good work!


Is this podcast available yet on iTunes? I tried searching for Mike Acre, and for Distalx, but haven’t yet found it. I would like to get this on my iPhone!


Hey, that’s cool. I’ve just recently got into listening podcasts. Such a nice way to spend time while driving or if you have to wait for something for a long time.


Interesting idea. I think we will explore that once we get a bit more comfortable with the format.


I’ve just listened to the podcasts. You are doing a great job! I learned a ton, and it was great to hear about the fantastic experiences people are having with Meteor in production. I recommend to everyone on this forum, to listen to these podcasts!