Explain to me like I'm 5 years old - what benefits did Meteor 1.2 bring?


Ok, so I’ve just gone through a painful process of updating to Meteor 1.2. (It was painful mainly because nemo64:bootstrap broke). Now that I’m on the new version I don’t notice any difference at all. If anything, my build times are slower when I change a file. So what benefits am I actually experiencing without realizing it? Thanks.


The release notes are always updated with every release:

there you can see the differences between versions.


Thanks, I guess. That really seems geared toward 7-8 year olds, though.


In what sense? It contains lots of important fixes for people using specific features. Also the native support of for example ES6 makes a big difference. It’s a lot of low level technical stuff though, not a lot of features. So maybe not the most shiny but certainly an important release.

Many people are fighting it though since it stronger enforces the rules. It allows less errors in packages like not defining the right packages being used, which generates errors.


Thanks - I guess ES6 is important. Curious, though - do we have to worry about whether certain browsers support ES6?


No. Because the ES2015 (ES6) code that you write gets converted to browser compatible code (= ES5 + polyfills).


Yes and no. There are still some things I noticed that do not work (last I checked), such as Object.assign and Symbol. In fact, if I use Symbol in my code, Meteor won’t even run my app without errors.


Another thing I’ve noticed is that with version 1.2 mupx takes about 4 times as long to deploy my app to Digital Ocean as it did with version 1.1.


I didn’t notice this though… Or maybe i just put my wait time longer. Anyway, i guess it really is because of es6. And of course decoupling a lot of things