Explaining MRT packages

I’m pretty new to Meteor so I never used the mrt package manager.

On the Atmosphere MRT page it says: “Unclaimed migrated packages. Remove me from your package!”

Are all packages prefixed with “mrt” now deprecated?

For example, should we be using
instead of


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If you are using the latest version of meteor, you should be using “meteor add” instead of “mrt add”

Thanks @bluebay … I know that but my question is more about packages that are namespaced under “mrt” - are these deprecated and not to be used if another package exists?

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Packages that are namespaced under “mrt” basically means that meteor couldn’t find the maintainer of the package when the migration to the new packaging system happened. But maintainers have a chance to claim their packages AFAIK. So in a way those packages have probably not been updated and could have been abandoned. If you find other packages that are namespaced under their specific maintainers that provides similar functionality, you should prefer those over the mrt ones.


@Maaz perfect thank you!