Explanation of how Meteor Update affects different applications

I have 3 meteor applications all at different versions

  • App#1 (v1.2.1)
  • App#2 (v1.3.2.1)
  • App#3 (v1.4.1)
    Apps #1 & #3 are running fine. But App#2 gets the following error message

module.js:340 Error: Cannot find module 'fibres'

In desperation, I upgraded App#2 to v1.3.3, and that application now runs ok.
But now App#1 is getting the same error message. And App#3 stalls without any error message.

I don’t understand why updating one application would affect others.
Can someone explain to me why and what to do?

I’ve reinstalled Meteor from scratch but it hasn’t made a difference. Any help would be massively appreciated as this is driving me nuts.