Explicit server side call?


I just started exploring mereor!

I have some doubt.

how to do it “with” and “without” an explicit server side call for posting data to the system?

please need explanation with an example.

Thank You.

What do you mean with explicit serverside call?

I am wondering for it with mean in meteor. i am just beginner and for learning i found it. without explicit is implicit.

You’re being very vague. Please give more information if you want help. I am not sure what you mean by “with” and “without” or explicit and implicit server calls.

I want to add data into database and call to the database should be implicit.

Try to use more words. Were getting there:

call to the database should be implicit.

My guess is that with implicit you mean automatic saving. For example after a drag / drop or when a user makes a change. Like how Google Drive works for example. ???

Don’t get us wrong. We are really trying to help, but you need to give us more context about your goal. There are 3 things important here to mention so that we can help you get what you want:

  • Tell us your goal
  • Tell us what you’ve tried ideally with examples
  • Describe the problem as detailed as possible.

Implicit and explicit server call is very vague.

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I’m totally beginner to meteor!

I dont know how it works in meteor if want to insert data into database without using server methods!

i came to know that meteor have client and server side database but question is does it reflect to vise-versa?

what i understood is explicit server side call - call from server side(with server methods) whereas implicit server side call - call from client

havn;t found any example for it! m trying hard to understand the flow to work on which is as simple as any crud functionality except these words - implicit & explicit.

i wonder what it shows vague !

help appreciated!

Thank You.

This is a huge over-simplification, but the principle is as shown below:


On the client use:



On the client use:

Meteor.call('insertSomething', someDocument);

On the server use:

  insertSomething(someDoc) {

Ah! Do we have those words in the guide somewere? :slight_smile:

Anyway to extend on Robs answer, when a collectionis initialized on both client and serverside, an insert on the client will result in the client and serverside database.

The collections use Meteor.call methods on the background. Meteor methods are the equivalent of rest request like put post delete and get.

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was wondering for the same as gone through the tutorial but not found those words!

But thanks robfallows and cloudspider for making focus on it and simplify to understand easily, it really helps a lot.!

Now i got to understand as this is what makes sense about the words.

Again thanks a lot!


Part of becoming better is becoming good at asking questions right. It was meant jokingly but with a message :slight_smile:.


No worries i got it :innocent: