Expo app crashing blank on TestFlight after launch

I have an expo app that is perfectly working on my local development build connecting both to local meteor server as well as remote.

Though, as soon as I launch it via TestFlight, it renders the auth screen and then it crashes.
When I tried to remove the Meteor.connect() function, the app did not crash. Also, when I deleted the app and reinstalled it, the auth flow worked without crash until I tried to log in. I could even register a user, but the problem seems to be in the logging in.

I’m using @meteorrn/core package.

The login component and the client repo is here: https://github.com/eminx/librellarn/blob/main/src/Screens/Auth/Login.js

Any suggestions? Help is appreciated! thanks!

An update: When I logged in Meteor server with the Accounts.onLoginFailure and onLogin, it seems like there’s no error in logging. It renders success…

I guess then it seems like another issue than logging in. What could it be?

Here’s the full repo: GitHub - eminx/librellarn

Can you use a Safari web inspector and see if you get any errors in the console?

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I had a simillar issue and it was a dependency issue. What I would recommend you is to start disabling sections of your code to debug the crashing issue. You can try a local build which should work the same as the one built in TestFlight Debugging runtime issues - Expo Documentation (this to avoid the whole deploy process to test).

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This was exactly the case. Finally I had it running locally on Xcode and then I could see the errors and fix them. Weird that in Expo Go it didn’t show these errors… I think it’s a bug in Expo itself.

But it is really weird, like @paulishca mentions, I thought I’d be able to debug via Safari like one could normally do for web development debugging. But I couldn’t.

At the end, it had just to do with some missing packages like react-native-svg which I’m not even using…

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