Export/Import Error?

I have this code at the bottom of a file called ‘/imports/api/db-connectors.js’:

const Instant_messages = db.models.instant_messages;
const a = 100; //<== breakpoint here shows an object with fields, etc., stored in Instant_messages
export {Instant_messages };

Then at the top of another file, I have this import statement:

import {Instant_messages } from ‘/imports/api/db-connectors’;
import { Kind } from ‘graphql/language’;
const b = 100; <==breakpoint here shows no such local var as Instant_messages

…there is no local variable named Instant_messages available to reference.

What am I missing?

Does it work if you use relative paths`? And can any auto-completion in your IDE help you verify that the paths and export/import variable names are correct?

I thought that was a relative path. :slight_smile: Not so?

The path seems to be finding the correct file. I got it working like this:

import * as connectors from '/imports/api/db-connectors';
const check = connectors.Instant_messages;

But I’d love to find out how I could do it correctly the other way too, as that seems to be more common.

Great. That trick has also helped me quite often.
Let’s say the file you import into is placed in the /imports folder - then the relative path in the import statement would be be ./api/do-connectors

When you start the path with a / it will be from the root of your project.

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What IDE auto completes the imports for you?

I mostly use vscode and previously webstorm. They can both do it.

I’m using Webstorm! (more characters to get to 20)

The relevant folder layout is:

imports ƒ
–api ƒ
----resolvers.js //<== this is the file importing from db-connectors.js

I use VS code too – what’s the plugin name?

If I try:

import * as connectors from './api/do-connectors';

…I get a module not found error.

Is that not the correct relative path?

You don’t need any.

If you open the whole folder that contain your project it should work. For instance, when I press control (windows) or command (mac) and hover the path in the import statements I’m able to use them as links.

based on your folder layout the correct relative path should be ./db-connectors

The path works. Thanks!

To return to the original topic of this post, using:

import {Instant_messages} from './db-connectors';

…still does not create a local variable named Instant_messages. Isn’t that odd?

try: export Instant_messages;