Export METEOR_SETTINGS not working

I’m trying to deploy my Meteor v1.2 app on a Windows server using Node.js v0.10.40. After sorting through a bunch of other issues (fibers, bcrypt packages in the bundle having issues), I’m finally able to start up my app using my start script. However, it’s not reading in my Meteor settings and the app crashes when it tries to access them in the code (undefined properties). I have tried both of the below in my startup script:

export METEOR_SETTINGS='{json string here}'

export METEOR_SETTINGS=$(cat [path to file]\settings.json)

What am I doing wrong? I’m getting desperate to the point of just hardcoding these settings in my code instead of using an external settings file.

Note that in my dev environment, meteor --settings settings.json works without a hitch. I’m using the exact same settings.json file in both environments.

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