External Mongo server not connected in windows

SET MONGO_URL=mongodb://root:abce@ds123.mlab.com:1200/mydb

i used above command to set external mongo server.
after that i run the meteor application using following command

meteor run --port 3400

when i try insert a document it doesn’t insert into external mongo server.
it inserting into local mongo server.
how can encounter this issue ? i searched over the internet. people suggested to use
SET MONGO_URL=mongodb://root:abce@ds123.mlab.com:1200/mydb this command since i having issue.

Try something like this:
SET MONGO_URL='mongodb://root:abce@ds123.mlab.com:1200/mydb?autoReconnect=true&connectTimeout=60000&authSource=admin'
and be sure that the port and auth database name are good.

i tried like you said but it didn’t work. the problem is external mongo server not connected with my meteor app. data always get inserted into local mongodb. what could be wrong here ?