External MongoDB User Management



I am new to meteor, we have already using MongoDB from the Spring now we want to transit from Spring to Meteor with the same MongoDB.

Can you let me know how we structure the app and also how I will manage the User authentication and Meteor.user functionality with my external MongoDB?

Also let me know how to use the global variables with Route.


Check out the guide, it has answers to many of your questions:

As for your users, you will need to migrate your existing collection data into the format that Meteor expects.

You can check an example schema from collection2:

But the best thing would be to create your app in Meteor, see how your collection looks and then based your migration based on that.


One thing that you should be aware of is that by default, Meteor assumes you want string _ids, whereas most other MongoDB applications will assume ObjectIds. Meteor will work with either, but you may find it eases friction if you ensure that you access all collections with the idGeneration attribute set to 'MONGO':

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