Externalify stopped working

Not sure why but I can no longer load Externalify on one of my computers which was previously working.
I’m getting the following error:

npm-container: updating npm dependencies -- externalify...
Errors prevented startup:
While building package npm-container:
error: couldn't install npm package externalify@0.1.0: Command failed: npm http GET https://registry.npmjs.org/externalify

The same code runs fine on my other Windows computer. I tried deleting \AppData\Local.meteor, scrubbing the registry and reinstalling Meteor but no luck. Steps to reproduce:

  1. meteor create test
  2. cd test
  3. meteor add cosmos:browserify meteorhacks:npm
  4. Create packages.json file with the following code: { “externalify”: “0.1.0” }
  5. meteor

It turned out to be the npm cache. Fixed it with:

npm cache clean

I’m experiencing the same error when trying to install jsdom. I tried npm cache clean but still seeing it.