Extracting meteor tool


For meteor patch , meteor tool keeps on extracting without stopping


Same thing here. This keeps happening with the 1.4 version …

The biggest frustration is that even if I try to explicitly upgrade to a version I already have installed, it still tries to download and install the newest version

meteor update --release METEOR@ 
   Loading meteor-tool@1.4.1_2...            \                                     


Same here… i cant get my old project to run on a new Windows machine… “logger error”


On which platform are you @jamgold running meteor, Windows or Linux, because when I updated in my Ubuntu it was pretty fast.


I am on OSX. I started it again and this time it worked.


I’m on Windows , extracting meteor-tool@1.4.1_2 for almost 2 hours.


@spikeyan1 Did it work at the end?


meteor updates always have problems on my windows 7 , now i change to use linux