Facebook Announcement: Create React Apps with No Configuration


This is a nice starting point (especially makes writing a tutorial easier for your and the audience).

Interesting quote:

Having just attended EmberCamp a week ago, I was excited about Ember CLI. Ember users have a great “getting started” experience thanks to a curated set of tools united under a single command-line interface. I have heard similar feedback about Elm Reactor.

Providing a cohesive curated experience is valuable by itself, even if the user could in theory assemble those parts themselves. Kathy Sierra explains it best:

If your UX asks the user to make choices, for example, even if those choices are both clear and useful, the act of deciding is a cognitive drain. And not just while they’re deciding… even after we choose, an unconscious cognitive background thread is slowly consuming/leaking resources, “Was that the right choice?”


Do we still need Meteor’s build and debug tool after that :wink: Sure, meteor does more, but the performance…