Facebook comments only show sometimes


I’m using the Facebook SDK package http://fastosphere.meteor.com/biasport%3Afacebook-sdk?q=facebook%20

I want to load comments on my page, but they only show up sometimes. The comments show up and work fine when you reload the page/type the url in manually and press enter. But, when you enter the page from a link on a previous page, the comments don’t show up. They show up again when you reload it.

Using React, Flow Router, Kadira:react-layout.

Edited: showing my code now


window.fbAsyncInit = function() {
    appId      : '123456',
    status     : true,
    xfbml      : true,
    version: "v2.5"

Comments = React.createClass({
  render() {
    return (


return (
        <div className="container">
          <div className="row centered">
            <div className="col-md-8">
              <div className="hidden-sm hidden-xs">
                <Comments />
            <div className="col-md-4 hidden-sm hidden-xs">
            <div className="col-md-12 visible-sm visible-xs">


well, maybe if you paste actual code…


Showing some actual code now.


I dont see where you call FB.XFBML.parse();
What could explain why you only see it once - when the page is rendered before FB SDK is loaded.


Hmm where am I supposed to be calling that? I thought that was only for Iron Router, but I can give it a shot. Does it go in the componentDidMount()?


onRendered in Blaze, in React you should know :smiley:


It worked! I put it in componentDidMount(). Thanks a lot! This was killing me the past few days.