Facebook/ Google Integration Meteor Cordova

Hi Everyone,

I tried to integrate the social media logins using Facebook and Google in the Cordova app but I faced difficulties in doing so. I tried with this command

meteor add cordova:cordova-plugin-googleplus

This is the output I got

cordova-plugin-googleplus: Meteor requires either an exact version (e.g.
cordova-plugin-googleplus@1.0.0), a Git URL with a SHA reference, or a local

I am not able to find the right path in Cordova Integrations, It would be great if someone helps me. I am facing the same problem with Facebook login.

I tried to find the solutions but ended up with nothing in my hands. It would be great help.

Follow the error message. i.e. append the exact version of the plugin you are adding e.g. @1.0.0

Have you tried the accounts-facebook and accounts-google package? How to use them is described in the official meteor guide:

Hi @mambolake,

AFAIK, Its not working with cordova.